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Thread: Whaasaabi

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    me, Me baby......JK howdy!

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    Hiya Haze

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    WHY RENT WHEN YOU CAN OWN! - HTM~UnH!nged, 2008

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    THNX a lot !

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    i didnt know where to start some talk about Vaping - damn UT based Forum... just UT and Beer.. so i thought to put something about it on here, since its something about me?!

    and...yeye...sry.....UT and Beer is one of the best combinations ever!!!

    well lately i stopped smoking cigs, had a cold and got so sick of the cig taste this time that i throwed em away...sadly i did discover this aromatic vaping i got me some mods and atomizers and some concentrates (you might call it gay like the rest of the US internet does hehe) i made some good experience with it by now, helps me to get hold of that nicotine kick my brain still does beg for - tried it bloody cold, but that didnt went well. anyone else vaping on here? that green stuff doesnt count!
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    I used to, but I started having chest pains from it and found my lungs were holding fluid. I quit, and I feel good again.

    My only issue with it, besides the filling your lungs with fluid thing, is that you don't know exactly how much nicotine you are taking in. I've seen people with a pack a day habit turn it into a three pack a day habit after vaping.

    Just my $.02

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    lets say im low on nicotine with my liquids, having 6mg ones i vape mouth to lung like a cig, slightly cloudy and 3mg ones i have on "sub ohm" ... atm i vape like i did smoke cigs - highest wattage is 40 watts i have on sub ohms, i dont like this cloud beasty ones that much. rumours say 10 puffs of 4 seconds up to 6mg nicotine will do quite good for having a cig like nicotine consumption. my goal is to get rid of the nicotine then rid of this vaping as well...beside the green
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    thats some nice haze art im not vaping that cloudy...none of my atomizers does offer such ammount of haze nor my 50/50 or 70/30 mixes
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    Quote Originally Posted by HazeofSpace View Post
    hey folks,

    its me, Haze aka HazeofSpace from Aura Clan

    found a nice place here to play with my mate that moved from Germany to CA!

    well its also alot o fun with you guys too !!!

    nice server, nice ppl, nice maps !

    gonna fill out more details about me soon.

    hf & gl !

    Sup Haze good to see you around man!

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