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Thread: HTM Wanna Be

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    Hey Sorry Guys I just went through back and hip surgery (OUCH) yea I know im not that old I finally got caught up on my emails ,Anyways Thanks For Making me a member (He said member lol) A few more days in the Hospital and then to rehab place (that is another name for a old folks home) lol
    Hope to be back soon so I can finally teach you all my skills, you know im going to be the bestest player on your server lol haha. Can't wait to add the MHT tag to my name I mean MTH oh crap TMH, shit I mean HTM~JJ_Rambo lol I ask my nurse if see wanted to see my cornholio <dam Zounds are still stuck in my head haha

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    Glad to hear that it went well. We will be waiting for your return!

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    Get your ass healed up so we can properly give you the HTM clan beat down that comes with the tag!
    Wake up and smell the corruption!

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    Back surgery is a bitch. Glad you made it through. Listen to the doctors and don't try to rush your recovery.

    Oh, and enjoy the pain meds while you can!
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    1.) Never give out all the information.

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    jjRambo...another guy I had alot of fun playing with in the past....remember when I used to frequent the notorious server called "E demo TeamDeathmatch server"....alot of players who now frequent the Sol server came from this server.

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