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    i mainly play at ti just recently got the password to yalls server. i was looking to join but i dont meet the age requirement im 18 lol

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    You should meet the age requirement at age 18, however since I have had problems with my left arm I have not been able to play so I unfortunately have not met you. If the other members know you, maybe they can hold a vote. I don't see why at age 18 you could not meet the age requirement.

    Let the others weigh in on what they think since I personally haven't had the chance to meet you or play UT with you, but those members who have, if they decide you meet the age requirements and decide to hold a vote then that is up to them, unfortunately since I haven't played in so long because of my left arm, I really don't have much say in the matter. I'm sure some of our senior members, admins and moderators can make that decision.

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    i read the thing and it said like 25 or something lol or i could be losing my mind idk. but sweet alot of them know me we will see what happens.

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    No worries, most of us act like teenagers here so....welcome to itt!
    Wake up and smell the corruption!

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    I don't believe we ever ask the age unless they act to immature.

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    jaja what ever happened to Miken? he was a member of my WarCriMinalZ clan back in the day....take a look:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    He was very funny and his brother Reaper. Miss that kid.

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    That is okay, you can still play with us. We have kids of kids playing with us now. Hang out and have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freak View Post
    I don't believe we ever ask the age unless they act to immature.
    ...Freak was the last to write to this thread (2014) before Dest just brought it back last week.... Miss ya Freak....

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    Yup I look at the old cementary threads...umm im nosy ;p

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