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    Oh. You're still talking? I didnt attempt to reach out to the person that put together CTF-SpaceLego either for the textures. Take me to court.

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    Let's get something straight here. YOU came into our forum with a LEGO version of one of the most popular maps on OUR servers and when you don't get the response YOU want you then get an attitude?

    I think it's great that you are still making maps Massacre, but be prepared to get some negative criticism along the way. If you haven't noticed we don't add every map ever made for UT2004 to our servers, and we don't do so for a reason.

    I have great respect for the original map authors and their work. We have members here that are also talented with Unreal Editor, but before an original map is modified I have always asked they they at least ATTEMPT to contact the author for his consent.

    Now, with that being said if you have any more smart ass comments please take them to another forum.

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    I know I'm getting to this dance a little late but it seems the HTM Clan holds all the coupons. If you won't put out the small effort it takes to track down the original author then it really doesn't matter how much effort or skill you have put into altering the map. It's an illegitimate version as far as we are concerned. And seeing as how these are Minions servers, he alone has the ultimate right to decide what maps go on them. The HTM 'tag' means something to us. Apparently something you will ever know or understand. Yes it took me about 5 weeks to track down the original author of GoS, Len Bradley. When I finally got a hold of him this is what he said;

    "Hi, thanks for contacting me about the map and letting me know whats going on. I'll get right to the point and say... don't worry about it

    "I really had no idea that people were even still playing my maps anymore and am glad that you and others are enjoying it. I checked out the version you modified and I like the additions you've made. I really wouldn't even mind if you were to finish it up and release it to the public... so go ahead if you'd like. Again, thanks for letting me know and don't worry about it at all."

    I don't know how it would affect you but his reply made me feel good. GoS is the Gold Standard on our servers. Even my enhanced version doesn't get much play and that's okay because nothing beats the original GoS. You really can't perfect perfection. I've altered other maps as well. Some I obtained permission and some I couldn't. But I did try. My personal rule is to try to contact the author for at least 30 days, following all leads and where they take me. Contacting Les took 4 "connections" before getting to him. It was worth it.

    While I would enjoy the mapping competition you would offer, after reading your very disrespectful replies, I personally wouldn't mind if you revoked your membership here and moved on.

    With some respect,

    "I tried to think but nuttin' happened."

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