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    Want to show you guys the "HeadShots Smackdown" mouse I was using

    Yup, a tiny HP mouse with no side buttons...regular 400 dpi. All my years of gaming I've used mouses that were large and bulky for the size of my hand. This was the first time placing my hand like a claw to hold the mouse. The result has been in greater HeadShot aim control. But I'm sad today....yes I'm sad. The shooting button of this monster mouse has stopped working. So I have to wait until Wednesday to give Ilya more smackdown punishment and lay the hammer of humility on Cousins ass. Yup, a new mouse. I sense more Headshots coming from this new baby....The SENSEI RAW!!!! This mouse has 4 side buttons. 2 on each side...just what I needed. Now I won't have to switch weapons by clicking the DELETE/END/PAGEDOWN buttons above the arrows. I don't use the WASD keys because I'm lefty. Could never get used to it or using the spacebar for jumping...too confusing for my brain. Anyhoo, I'll be back this Wednesday to impart a more major butt whoopin oh yeah! Yes I sense your excitement :P

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    GL with that Des. Can I point out one thing with the mouse you ordered...NewEgg reviews point out that the scroll wheel has known issues. Might want to look into that. Failure rate is high. Just sayin. I always check NewEgg reviews before I buy anything if they are available there. You will find the best gamer and non gamer people posting reviews there. Many people will come back 2 years latter to report on the product that they bought so it can give you an idea of how long your equipment might last.
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    Razer Death Adder FTW! OH WAIT... you said you were a lefty. (Better listen to fellow lefty Cuz, I think he's tried A LOT of mice)

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    Razer Mamba Tournament Edition here. Can't use a mouse with right side buttons with my meaty paws. I have to deactivate them or else I hit them at the wrong time the whole game...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTM|Minion View Post
    Razer Death Adder FTW! OH WAIT... you said you were a lefty. (Better listen to fellow lefty Cuz, I think he's tried A LOT of mice)

    Razer FTW! I have tried a few, best of the lot are as follows:

    Razer Naga Left handed edition 8200 dpi, great mouse, short and fat, solid micro switches however, too many buttons for my style of mash and go. 12 buttons for my thumb is too damn hard for me but Ilya does it somehow as he owns one.

    Razer Deathadder left handed edition 3500 dpi, AWESOME mouse, fits the hand naturally, plays smooth as silk, only issue is i broke the left mouse buttons on 2 of them in 4 years. They still work but are not as responsive. Issue is only with the left handed edition and on the the standard.

    The one I use now:
    Razer Taipan, ambidextrous solid, 8200 dpi on the fly swtich, smaller than the Deathadder but still large enough for my hand. I have yet to damage these micro switches

    To add more Razer products I also use the Black Widow Ultimate 2016 mechanical keyboard, Razer Goliathus Control mousepad and Razer Kraken Pro headset.

    I have tried Logitech, Microsoft(Revolution), Madcatz, HP(with a pc not to mention plenty of other pc brands), and the like but I love the quality of the Razer gear and they are only true gaming company to offer more than one left handed or even ambidextrous mice.

    Just my 2 cents there Des. Gl with whatever gear you get.
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    That's Mr. Dangly to you!

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    This is what I am using... I am a Logitech fan... haven't tried any Razer stuff as I find Logitech better...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTM~.:Q:. View Post
    This is what I am using... I am a Logitech fan... haven't tried any Razer stuff as I find Logitech better...
    I would probably still be a Logitech user too if the darn 518s hadn't failed on me 3 times in a six month period. I'm sure that was a fluke and they make great stuff now.

    I changed to Razer temporarily back then and have since never looked back.

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    Lost count of all the 518's I have gone through. lol

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    Best mouse I ever owned for gaming, hands down was my Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical mouse. I could configure each sensor individually for X/Y axis control so I could glide smoothly left and right, then fast twitch up or down for quick shots. Lasted me for years. Then went to MX 518 which was great when it was working...went through a few of them to say the least...damn delicate fuckers. I did try an earlier Razer Death-adder but that was when the drivers were super squirrely so it was waaaaay too twitchy for the extra side buttons fucked me. Last was a Logitech g402..loved the feel, hated the my Razer Mamba. Only issue with this is a weird, intermittent freezing of the movement. I can use buttons and scroll wheel, but all movement freezes for about 25 seconds. Then keeps happening until I unplug and re-seat the mouse. Razer said it was a conflict with Synapse and suggested an updated patch, which didn't work...and they honestly don't know wtf it is...LOL

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    Yeah, I guess I should've looked at the Newegg reviews. Cousin, you stated that you purchased several "left handed" really play with the mouse on your left hand? I'm lefty but I play with the mouse on my right hand. I could never play with it on my left hand lol. I get this odd and foreign feel.
    I also agree that the Logitech 518 was the best mouse ever. Too bad logitech discontinued them. Some time ago I was going to purchase the Razor Naga because of the many side buttons but unfortunately my wife convinced me to purchase it another day. I never got around to buying it.
    I like all the Razers you all mentioned but I like the Taipan the most. It has 2 buttons on both sides of the mouse which I need. I just purchased it online right now. So I will be giving you guys a comparison review of the Taipan and the Sensei Raw some time later when I get a good feel of both.

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