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    Hopefully this one last longer...ok, time for more HEADSHOTS baby!!!

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    I've owned three of the death adders for quite a while, I finally had the scroll wheel fail on the oldest one. You will like it once you get used to the low profile of the body. But I'm still going to pwn you.

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    I have the mamba tournament...pretty much same setup but with two extra buttons just beneath the scroll wheel. Those little side pads are pretty much useless for gripping so I just cut pieces of self adhesive black velcro (male side) and put them on more loosing grip in fast twitch motion. Make sure you go to the Razor site and download the latest version of Synapse...there is a freezing issue with them that will make you throw shit if you don't patch it...LOL

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    Just want to update....its been over a year I have the Razer and still no problems. Never had a mouse that lasted this long with no issues....Razer rocks!

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    I own two death adders, one is three years old and still rocking. You made a good choice Des =. (thought I'd add a little skank to the post)

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    I bought my Razer DeathAdder, 3500 dpi, 3.5G in July of 2010 for $59.99 and it hasn't skipped a beat since then. I love the extra long braided cord. I know I don't use it in gameplay as much as you guys but I'll bet I have more hours of usage than most of you that do. It is the best mouse I've ever owned and I've worn out a bunch of others over time. I also bought a X-Trac Hybrid, 16" x 10" mouse pad. It is the best pad I've ever owned. When it comes time to replace them I will purchase the exact same mouse and pad. So unless they have gotten cheaper over the years, and I don't believe so, you should have many months and years of usage Des. An excellent choice my friend.
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    I have a Death Adder too and it is my last really good gamer mouse still working ( have some old backups). I had a couple G5s that I still love even more... but the second one has also now started to go bad. It freezes and seems like it has to re-load the driver and it is just now dead and useless for gaming. I may get another Adder soon or maybe 2 (I have 4 gamer PCs from different time periods with different games on them and different OS's).

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