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    The MYTH of the unregistered hit

    OK, I've finally had enough... I went off a bit in TS after hearing about what someone did or did not see, so it's time to lay this out.

    Folks, what you see on your screen is NOT exactly what is happening on the server, so F**KING learn to deal with it. I'm tired of hearing "How did you live through that" or "That hit you - I saw it right on my screen" or "theres no way that didn't hit you..."

    The game is NOT being "played" on your computer (UT Client), it's being played on the SERVER. The SERVER decides what happens, NOT your computer. Netcode creates a "client side favoritism" for shots, but the server runs the show.

    There is NO SUCH THING as an "unregistered hit", there is only your UT client making PREDICTIONS based on .5 - 1 sec old data that are going to have a margin of error. Whether you had lag, your UT client made incorrect predictions, some packets just pain got lost, or somebody made fast movements that the sever saw that you didn't get yet, whatever... ...what you saw on your screen was just plain FICTION based on predictive movement error.

    By the time you move, click and fire, your system processes and sends the data to the server, the server receives, process and sends the data out to all other players, another player gets the data and their UT client processes that data, and then shows that you moved, it can be an eternity of hundreds of milliseconds... That is why your client shows you PREDICTIVE movement for the other players, not REAL TIME movement.

    Netcode only helps weapon shots, NOT movement - so movement lag is responsible for most "artifacts" and WRONG predictions that your computer shows you.

    ~ You did not get shot through the wall - They shot you when you were still IN THEIR SIGHTS on their system / on the server.
    ~ It is totally possible for a person move out for your line of fire, "on the server" while they are still "in your sights" on your system.
    ~ Netcode creates a "Fake" weapon fire path on your client at times - so it looks like you hit while the decision is made if you actually hit, or you miss but then you get the kill. In other words, there are times when UT/netcode shows you PURE BULLSHIT on your screen.
    ~ People can possibly see you come out from behind the wall BEFORE you see it on your screen (predictive error in movement speed)
    ~ People can dart out and back and shoot too fast for your client to get the data and you "are shot from nowhere" and you never see them.
    ~ Spawning and Spawn protect don't all happen / ware off at the same time, so yes it is possible that they killed you right at spawning, and that they spawned before you.

    For any coders out there, Netcode consists of 49 classes, with up to 500 lines of code each, where each weapon is coded by itself with multiple classes. There about 8000-9000 lines of code JUST FOR NETCODE. It's not a simple thing. It's going to have issues and flaws.

    (UT99 has a much more comprehensive netcode called GlobalUnreal that has akin to 70,000 lines of code - UT99 is still by far the largest active UT community)

    The end result of all this, is that we are playing a game all hundreds of miles apart on a server in Texas, and some you seem to think YOUR computer is magically in control of it all. IT'S NOT - so GET OVER IT. There will always be predictive errors that manifest as "shot from nowhere", "shock beam shot out the players' @ss", "Head shot as I came around the corner" "Rocket passed right through them" etc... We all see these things, but some of you just can't seem to grasp that your screen is not the UT referee - the server is...

    It's all part of the game...

    As I said above, there is NO SUCH THING as an "unregistered hit"... Your UT client made a bad prediction, and you saw about 500ms of fiction at 90+FPS... (that's about 45 frames of bullshit... if you're from "Big Cow Country")


    ...It's totally amazing that the game works as well as it does...


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    good lord...if we have to quit bitching, where's the fun in that?

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    Man. I got to sticky this one. Thanks for the breakdown there Mr. Born!

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    Some of us that bitch about this understand it perfectly well but still like to bitch about it at times. I myself am one of those people for sure. I don't necessarily mean to say that it should have been something different, I just like to call out when I see shit like that happen. I can try to refrain from doing so in the future if this bothers people.

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    ok, disturbing trend happening...people are apologizing for offending...cut that shit out...and to those snowflakes amongst us, reach down...those things dangling, as little use as they get (at least in my house) they are called balls...use em.. .FFS...smmfh

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    Ok... This was a bit of a rant, just making the point that what you see on your screen is not exactly what is happening on the server, and just because you didn't see or understand how something happened, doesn't mean someone's cheating.

    I mean, I get "mystery" shot by Destined all the time... That doesn't mean he's cheating, just that he's a back-shooting sneaky camper...
    And then there's Foo... I'd say he's questionable on those "shot coming around the corner" hits, but then I look at his stats, and man, that guy must run out of ammo for every weapon each round; he's shooting with such low hit percents... You talk about holding down the trigger and moving around, or shooting at every possible place a player might be in the next 5 seconds...

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    I know right? Those 44% lg and 80% goo...tragic! LOL

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    The best part of the game is when you rocket somebody in the middle of an open area while standing right next to them. You die (or at least get hurt) and they have no scratch on them. I would call that netcode unregister! (doesn't matter what it really is, but your post didn't explain that )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluduck View Post
    The best part of the game is when you rocket somebody in the middle of an open area while standing right next to them. You die (or at least get hurt) and they have no scratch on them. I would call that netcode unregister! (doesn't matter what it really is, but your post didn't explain that )
    I have shielded close rocket shots on many players who attempt a close proximity rocket shot. I rarely get hurt, its kinda like putting your finger in the barrel of a gun in cartoons...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    um...i know it's ridiculous...but I worked a case where a drunk redneck blew his hand off trying that very same shit with a buddies snubby .38...natural selection

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