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    My 2003 Dodge Durango

    Some of you may know my wife was involved in an accident yesterday, others do not. She was driving down 135 had just put on her cruise control and blacked out. She hit the guardrail doing 58 miles per hour, jumped the rail, rolled over, took out 2 trees 50 feet from the guardrail down an embankment and finally came to a rest on a third tree partially on its passenger side. She is in the hospital but not for what you would think, they are trying to figure out why she is having blackouts. She walked away from this wreck sore but the EMT's put a band-aid on her shin. I want to share the pix with you guys to show what a solid built vehicle my Durango was and it protected my wife from far worse injuries or possibly death. even though the roof was damaged on both sides due to the rolling the driver cabin remained intact and the engine stayed in place. She is a lucky woman to be alive and I am buying another red 2003 Durango because it makes us feel safe on the road. The thread would only let me upload these 5, but trust me, the other side of the truck looks just as bad.
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    The other pix...
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    Wow Cousin! I'm extremely sorry to hear about this. I sure hope that she does OK. The BO's are the most important issue right now. Gotta be a reason for that. After that is fixed, and I sure hope it is, she may still develop some musculoskeletal conditions. Whiplash is what comes to mind. I've been suffering for over 25 years from a single rollover.

    Keep us informed. We'll be praying for her.

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    Dayum! Glad she wasn't busted up. I had an 04 Durango and it was definately a solid truck. Hope they figure out why she blacked out.
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    so sorry to hear man. I am glad that she was able to walk away from this! Yes.. get the black out situation checked!

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    Holy crap...didn't know man. Hope everything is ok....let me know if you need anything

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    I just brought Theresa home from the hospital. She now has a new specialist team who has removed her on one of her meds which they think was causing the black out issues. All is good, now time to buy another Durango!
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    Good to hear Theresa is doing ok Mark.

    Damn, that Durango took a good beating but did it's job and protected her.
    I don't blame you for looking for another one, as Foo said let me know if I can help with anything.

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    glad to hear it Mark. Back in 2003 my wife had a Toyota Avalon and while driving back from a week long work stay in North Florida, was run off the interstate by a big logging truck who apparently didn't see her and changed lanes. She avoided being crushed by swerving into the median, but started sliding on the grass and crossed back over both lanes of I-75 before nosing into the trees and shrubs...a passerby who stopped called me from her phone saying she was on the way to the hospital which was about three hours away...I got there in almost 90 minutes. She was banged up and bruised but nothing broken, no internal injuries and not even a cut on her. They kept her for observation and I took her home the next morning. When I went the tow yard to get her stuff from the car, the entire car was totaled...part of a large branch had pierced the glass and impaled into the drivers seat...missing her by inches. The drivers seat area looked like a cacoon due to the awesome safety design of the Toyota...all the glass was shattered, the steering wheel was bent from her hitting it through the airbag and the seat was shredded from the glass and was covered in it...I reached in just to open the door and sliced my hand and arms all the way to the elbow. Don't know who or what was looking out for her to not even get a cut....but I was and am thankful. No way she should have made it out of that uninjured or worse...

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