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    How to temp pause Win10 updates without using a hammer.

    Open a command prompt...or right click the start logo, click run, type CMD.
    Enter the following below in the command prompt hitting enter after each line.

    Right-click the Start Menu and select Command Prompt (Admin).
    Enter net stop wuauserv
    Enter net stop bits
    Enter net stop dosvc

    This is only a temp thing as for some damn reason, Win10 updates think its more important than anything else your doing.

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    As far as I have researched and understand, Win 10 PRO will actually allow you schedule and delay updates. The Home version does not, ( Cuz's back-door method not withstanding ) even though is appears to have options. -FYI

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    I got copies of win7 pro and ult 64. NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU PAY?!?!?!?!? That's right, now you funneh too. Gonneh pay the rent.
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    Yes, Pro and Enterprise (though anyone with Enterprise editions are pretty stupid if they're not running their own WSUS server and choosing which updates to allow and which to block) will allow you to delay updated up to several months on any updates that aren't security updates.

    Another way is to write a registry entry that points to a non existent WSUS server or, If I remember correctly, force all updates to be manual only. It'll work for home editions too, I have these entries if you want to completely block any updates. When you're ready for updates, I have a registry file that will reenable the default updates and schedules.

    Let me know and I'll post them if you want.

    I've recieved every W10 Update, including the creators update and have had no problems at all. The only "issue" i have with windows 10 is the start menu, easily fixed using Start10 giving me back the windows 7 menu.

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    Although, there is a surprisingly easy solution... Windows 10 machines stop ALL update functions once you place them in O-F-F mode... Invoking the hard drive re-format process option during a LINUX install will also solve the problem...

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    U have Win 10 Pro 64 and had all delays enabled...still updated me. I've disabled through a registry hack for now...see how long that lasts

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    I bought windows 10 this weekend and am so happy I have it now!


    Windows 7 FTW!

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    Maybe its time to re-install Windows Me...hehehe. I have every OS in my stack since 95 with the exception of Vista(yes even NT). I can use whatever one I want. The thing is since I do support, I have to know the pains of each OS. Win10 is a bust for me personally as it is more annoying than Windows Me. I am going to buy another SSD and go back to Win8 which is still on my WD Black as a "storage" drive. I may even play with the dual boot option if I can get it to work properly. Even my work laptop came with Win10 but they re-imaged it back to Win7 pro.
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    I've not had a problem with Win10. Clean install on both of my machines, updated drivers, windows updates as they are released. Don't get me wrong. I have Win7 on my work laptop and it has been rock solid for 3+ years, so nothing bad to say about that. Just that I can't really complain about Win10 either. I guess YMMV is relevant here.
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    I'll give you my .1 cents worth cause thats as far as my Windows knowledge goes.

    I dual boot on one HD partitioned for XP and Vista. I have had no problems with this except for the Windows Boot Manager which comes into play whenever more than one legitimate boot OS is detected. But that's just a 30 second screen that offers you an OS choice but defaults to the newest OS. I'm pretty sure there's even a work-a-round for this. (I do this on my 2nd Mac but that shouldn't make any difference.)

    Backgrade to another WinOS that is not Cloud-Based and control your updates once again.

    Install a second HD and install Win 10 on it. Use it when you feel like it and maybe MS will come up with a patch to manage upgrades better.

    I have a program called Little Snitch that monitors and controls ALL internet connections. I think it is even scriptable meaning I could just write a script to control or schedule MS connections. I don't know if you Win guys have any apps like that or not. Just an idea.

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