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    Added DM-HTM-Whack_A_Mole-beta18 and DM-1on1-HTM-WAM-Classic-beta01 to redirect server and both 14 man TAM servers.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wake up and smell the corruption!

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    Valar Morghulis

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    The WAM-Extreme version is finished.

    The WAM- Classic version is finished also. I asked for input here also but everyone was busy I guess.

    Last week I gave you a stripped down version of b18 and called it Classic-b1 just to fuck with you. I then asked you to report any differences between Classic-b1 and WAM-beta10. No one spoke. There are a ton of differences. Oh well.

    This Classic version IS WAM beta10 with just the name amended. I said be patient. This version was ready right after Minion's first post lauding beta10. O ye of little faith.
    "I tried to think but nuttin' happened."

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    Bob, didn't see you ask for input, but mine would be that it's just fine.

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    I've only had time to play it once, after working 9 hours, driving 1.5 hours each way and spending 2-3 hours working on the wife's cabin I could have been on Mars and wouldn't have known the difference. Sorry Bob, I should be back on my nornal schedule soon.

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