View Poll Results: Should we leave the adrenaline combos? Should we use a maplist or keep the map poll?

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  • Yes, I want to rez, boost and use kamakazi combo.

    0 0%
  • Yes, but I only want to rez my teammate, no kamakazi combo.

    8 72.73%
  • No, I think adrenaline combos shoudl be removed.

    4 36.36%
  • Yes, use a maplist we all request maps for.

    7 63.64%
  • No maplist, I like to use the poll to choose maps.

    3 27.27%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HTM~YourImagination View Post
    Cuz and I are both good for the 30th, can you confirm with Mike?
    Sounds like Sat the 30th at 9:00pm est is a go. See you then!

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    Great games Cousin and Imagination, I thought we might get skunked on Alpu2, the map we picked - You guys were very aggressive. GG's

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    That was one hell of a game....ggz guys.

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