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    **This is a Final map**

    Since I had to quit jerking off I find that I have a lot more time on my hands so I spun off a different version of CarPark. It's still CarPark but with a few geometrical changes.

    For TAM:

    -Geometry changes
    -2 Elevators
    -Smoothed the stairways (now you don't lose the fillings in your teeth)
    -Increased PlayerStarts
    -More Lighting (but still dark)
    -Triggered sound
    -Removed the tunnels (No one uses the tunnels and whoever does is a dumb ass)
    -New Preview

    For DM:

    -Geometry changes
    -2 Elevators
    -Smoothed the stairways
    -Increased PlayerStarts
    -More Lighting
    -Triggered sound
    -Removed the tunnels
    -Added Goo Gun
    -Added more ammo pickups
    -Added Adrenalin and Health Vials pickups
    -Improved Bot Pathing
    -New Preview

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    Very nice job with this one Bob, it plays very well. We had a blast playing it tonight, thank you!

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