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    **This is a Final map**

    This has got to be the toughest map project I have ever worked on. Originally a UT99 map by Joe Swinbank (author of the Echo map), when giving me permission to alter the Echo map he also gave his permission to port his UT99 map Ironhide-Redux to the UT04 platform. As I said it was tough. The Minotaur map had over 4000 structural brushes used in it. And very intricate brush work at that. By comparison the Ironhide map has only about 1000 brushes in it. But if you took around 600 of those brushes, disassembled them, put them in a box and shook it up violently, then dumped it into my Unreal Ed app, and then turned off the lights...That's the difficulty I had in resurrecting this map. But I think I have done about a 99% accurate job of the port. I had to take a few liberties because UT99 and UT04 are very different. I also added a little lipstick where needed and a little more you won't notice in TAM.

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    Sounds awesome Bob, I can't wait to see it.

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    We had a chance to vote this one in too tonight Bob, unfortunaely there were far too many players on it. The map looks awesome though and would be a very nice 2v2 or 3v3 map in my opinion. Well done sir!

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