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    Server netcode...

    hELLO YAW...was wondering if tonight we can play just 1 game without netcode. I just want to feel the difference. The reason I say this is that I think netcode makes me more sluggish. I get this same feeling in Ti server. Maybe is not even netcode...could be something else. Correct me if im wrong...and also you dont get that "crisp" shot feeling when shooting. Netcode looks at everyones ping at 0. So if you are a player with high ping thats a good thing. But i think that the player who pays to have a nice low ping ends up equal to the broke ass gamer whos ping is high. Not fair in my opinion. Then everyones dodging and movement speed becomes much slower which takes away the speed and the fun...i dont care what people say but netcode DOES slow your movement speed. Ive played in other servers and im flying but in our server and Ti's server is slower and guys cant tell me you dont feel it.

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    Before i thought it maybe was the quality of my mouse, my graphics card or my monitors response time causing this. But now I realize its never been none of those. It gotta be the netcode...

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    Netcode can be disabled in the 3spn menu. When you are in the game, hit your F7 key and you'll see a box that says "Enable Enhanced Netcode" and un-select it. I've tried it with and without and honestly, I've had better play with it on, even though my ping isn't high enough to benefit from it. As for server side latency, I've not heard that it has an impact on the feel of game play across the board, but Minion can tell you more about that.
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    Then it can be the server side latency...I don't know what it is...I'm ignorant to these things. But i know its something. Another reason I know somethings not right its because when I land on a wall and i'm falling down beside it, I cant wall dodge off it. It wont let me...I just keep falling and need to shield or else my bitty legs gonna break lol. I'm sure minion knows what im talking about. I can wall dodge when I jump towards a wall....Im referrring to when Im falling down next to a wall.

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    I wish i knew how to take a video of myself so you guys can see...;et me see if FRAPS can do it...

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    yeah, what you feel on your end as compared to what someone viewing you can be crazy. But it could be that Netcode is making you pay for all those times somebody came to help you in a fight and you hauled ass...ROFL...j/k

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    lol never noticed that foo lol....ok I couldnt post the frap video onto here...dunno how...anyways, jumping on a wall and then dodging off it is not the prob...the prob is when you are falling down the wall and you try to wall dodge off it. What happens is that you do dodge off it but in a falling 45 degree angle. When you should be dodging of it on a 90 degree angle. The wall dodge feels weak...Umm i suck at Paint...
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    I get what you're saying. I can do it, just not every time. Same way with wall dodging forward from wall behind me. Some people can do it fluidly, I look like a fuckin retarded pigeon all squawkin and shit...

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    But trust me, u can do it in other servers. Even in the Aim server. Its just that the admins here did something to the settings without knowing it..why do u think non members always ask about the speed in the server...they feel slower too. Maybe is the tick rate...i wish i knew about servers.
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    I would say likely it is all in your head or possibly the ut2003 style boost dodging. But saying you feel it both here and in TI server eliminates both UT2003 style boost dodging and netcode as they run neither.

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