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    Ti do run netcode in their server...unless its the ut2003 style boost dodging.What is ut2003 style boost dodging for? because you can't boost dodge...we must solve this mystery!
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    A few things to understand:

    1) TAM Netcode does NOT affect movement IN ANY WAY. It ONLY affects shooting.
    2) It does not see everything as "0 ping" that is a different mod altogether - TAM Netcode uses client and server data rather than just server data to decide hits.
    3) Many of the "phantom" shots where someone shoots "around a corner" or "while looking the other way" are your client machine adjusting for shots Netcode says happened.

    As to laggy movement, "weird feeling" shots... That is latency issues between you and the sever. I spent two months, tracking ping issues and talking to the hosting COLO, and there are frequently high ping hops on both incoming and outbound connections. The only fix would be moving to another COLO.

    Keep in mind that the UT in game ping is calculated by the server based on several things, and may NOT be your actual network ping. Your actual ping could be higher or lower then what UT tells you. AND if the latency occurs on the RETURN path (server to you) but not on the incoming path, UT may not show the lag, but you will "feel" it in game. That is when your ping says 50 but it fells like 150...


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    Quote Originally Posted by DesTineD View Post
    Ti do run netcode in their server...unless its the ut2003 style boost dodging.What is ut2003 style boost dodging for? because you can't boost dodge...we must solve this mystery!
    The TI version of 3SPN is 3.14 which does NOT have any netcode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesTineD View Post
    Its just that the admins here did something to the settings without knowing it..
    Oh really now? I guess we did it to both TAM servers without knowing it. Actually I'm amazed we can even start a game server, I mean I've been trying and trying for over 15 years now. Maybe next year I can figure this out.

    Quote Originally Posted by DesTineD View Post
    But i think that the player who pays to have a nice low ping ends up equal to the broke ass gamer whos ping is high. Not fair in my opinion.
    Well lets see where you are on the "good connection, crisp feeling shot, dodge off wall when falling list" .... holy crap! Here's the problem look how low you are on the list!

    Actually Born answered the majority of the issues you discussed. I'm amazed you've played here this long and are just now asking these questions.

    The wall dodge thing, we run 2K3style and an actual WORKING version of the mutator. The one that shipped with 2K4 was and still is broken. 2K3Style adds the boost dodging, fast weapon switching from UT2003 that is why your wall dodges feel funny (you are doing it wrong) We have run 2K3Style since 2004 and no I won't remove it. Learn how to use it and you will blossom like a spring orchid grasshopper!

    As for falling a long way, don't do that. I use my shied when i fall, if you use it right you can fall a long long way and take zero damage. But once again, learn how to use it grasshopper!

    Quote Originally Posted by Angelfire
    UT2003 Boostdodging

    You may be asking yourself what exactly is a "Boostdodge" dont I do it all the time when I press LEFT-LEFT-JUMP well NO
    that is a "DodgeJump" "Boostdodging" is a special and EXTREMELY hard move to do in UT2003 that requires alot of practice and precise
    timing but once it is mastered it can make you go 25% farther than a regular jump or DodgeJump and can help you reach
    places that could not be reached with a regular jump so I decided to make this web page devoted to the art of Boostdodging
    at first you may think this is an impossible move to pull off I know I did it took me a few hours to get it down but once I
    learned how to do it I kept practicing it and now its very easy to do and is VERY useful.

    More to come. stay tuned for a boost dodging tutorial.

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    oooooooo....Destiiiiinnnnn...Minion wants you to see him after class...hehehe

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    Jaja foo....Yes I will not sleep until I blossom into a colorful spring orchid grasshopper!!! Well as Minion and all of you can tell, I dont know anything about those ut server terms.....latency and other stuff. I had never heard of ut2003 dodge jumping until now. Gonna learn how to execute might even work to my advantage cool. Minion what about the tick rate? How does that play into game performance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesTineD View Post
    Minion what about the tick rate? How does that play into game performance?
    Tickrate is a very convoluted subject. Raising tickrate does help players hit better, but as it's been said in the past "higher tickrate = no skillz". The problem with changing tickrate on our servers is the max player count of 14. Since raising tickrate also raises the amount of data transferred from client --> server --> client the more players that join the more data must be transferred and those with marginal latency and other connection properties will begin to have thier game play degrade as more and more players join.

    Our servers are set at NetServermaxTickrate=30 default UT2004 is NetServermaxTickrate=20 so it's 50% higher than defaullt. We have run it as high as 50, but players complained about warping and such. I can always set it back to default, but be prepared for your advertised "ping" to increase. Tickrate is a double edged sword, high tick rates work great on 1v1 servers, but not 14 player servers.

    Here is a good article that explains it. But put a large ziplock bag over your head first so when your brain explodes your wife can clean the mess up easier.

    If you want to improve your game feel, read this article. If you haven't filled the baggie up yet, keep it on and maybe double it up.

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    yes they gave me a major brain burn....but i understand now. No more complaints here.

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    interesting read there Minion...gonna try some FPS tweaks to see if I can reduce my latency

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