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    About Internet speed and connection issues...

    1) Latency is the issue NOT speed. Also, routers are not all equal in terms of packets per second they can handle which is MUCH more important that "connection speed" A connection of 3Mb can be faster than a connection of 50Mb if the router and latency are better.

    2) The server ping in UT is calculated internally and is NOT actual ping - it does tend to be similar, but can be off quite a bit. I've had a sever ping of 80 and a real ping of 160. Hidden latency that "feels" off in game, and return trip latency or "lag" is the main culprit for seeing odd things like a player looking away and shooting you, or shots from behind walls - these are because your client is showing "old" position data and predictions on your screen that are inaccurate in the actual game (in server memory).

    Under ideal circumstances, your computer is showing you a PREDICTION of player placement on your screen that is .25 to .5 seconds BEHIND the actual movement. If there is 100ms added latency at a bad hop, that grows to .5 to 1 second BEHIND. Computers do not "instantaneously" process, your computer and the server have to take in packets, process them, the application has to take in the data and act on it. That all takes milliseconds. They add up...

    When I fire a shot my UT2004 has to process the shot, send the data, the computer transmits it out the nic to the server, which receives the data and sends to UT2004 on the server, which processes the shot, and sends the data out to each client... My mouse click to you seeing my shot is easily .5 seconds+.

    Tick rate will not in any way alter the actual network latency. It will give you more updates, WITH THE SAME LAG. Packets are FIFO and don't "accelerate" via some mythical Internet magic just because you sent more packets. If you have an actual ping of (both directions) of 60, a packet at a tick rate of 20 will get to your system just as fast as tick rate of 80 - both will take 60ms. At tick=80 You will just get more packets that are all 60ms lagged in travel time. You will still get lag, "unreg's" etc... If your connection is not stable, it's conceivable you may get more artifacts at a high tick rate as you may get "bursts" of packets that are lagged in spikes. A low tick rate levels the playing field for lag/latency.

    It's amazing this game works as well as it does with 14 people hundreds to a thousand plus miles apart each going through 5-10 computers to get back and forth...

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    That was an awesome explanation Born. Thanks.

    I'm still gonna bitch about Ilya and Foo though.....
    There are two rules in life:

    1.) Never give out all the information.

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