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    Can UT2004 run on Linux?

    Was browsing on a site of gadgets to buy for Christmas and saw this little usb drive:

    Wonder if Ut can run perfectly on linux?

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    It is certainly possible to run UT2004 on linux, however I hear it's somewhat of a pain to get it going. Once you do, it runs fine though.

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    I might buy it and give UT a test drive hehe

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    I ran 2k4 on Debian based Linux systems for a long time

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    Tell me how it felt playing with linux? and r u still using linux when playing ut.

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    Linux gaming issues generally center around video performance. Linux does not use windows API's or Direct X, but may use OpenGL. Don't expect the same FPS you get in Windows. That said, UT2004 does have native Linux support, and does not have high video demand on newer graphics cards.


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    Yeah, go with Linux Des. I bet you your curb feelers that you will still have the same issues you descibed in the other thread. You might want to check back there first....

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    Thanks for clearing that up Born and Minion.

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    Sorry des, busy with work. Linux to me the mouse felt weird at first but like anything you get used to it. Other than that it really wasnt any different feeling than windows.

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    oh ok ortxed thanks.

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