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    The Art Of Boost Dodging

    First of all I have to credit this information to Angelheart as this was originally composed by.

    Boostdodging Basics

    There are several ways to get around in UT2003, but there is a special one.
    I’m talking about the boost dodge.

    What is a boost dodge?
    It basically is a wall dodge and a jump at the same time.

    Why does it boost?
    Because you create a vector addition with the jump and the wall dodge vector.
    While the jump vector isn't yet touched by the gravity or is only slightly altered through it.

    How to jump and dodge the same time?
    The standard dodge is a double press left/right combination within 250milliseconds (standard dodge activation time).
    So it goes like Left; 250ms-wait; Left or Right; 250ms-wait; Right.
    To add the jump vector to it you just have to put a jump in between,
    Like, Left Jump Left or Right Jump Right (within a 250ms border).

    How far can I get?
    Until now I can’t tell you exactly how much Unreal Units you can get from it.
    Only that you can boost dodge at different Jump vectors.
    When you tap the direction key then immediately after jump key and then again the direction key after a 250ms border, you will get the smallest possible boost.
    Because the gravity has taken influence on the Jump vector for max 250milliseconds which shortens the length of the jump vector and so influences the vector of the "boost".
    To get the maximum out of it, you have to press direction, jump + direction where jump + direction should happen at nearly the same time.

    How to make it?
    These are the rules how to make it work:
    You always have to have body contact with the wall.
    You should always look at the wall from a 30- 80 Angle (45 is ideal for practice tho).
    You should always press forward, because it lets you in combination with the angle
    Slide on the wall, besides it keeps u in touch with the wall, no matter if you press a direction key for one moment.
    Your direction key of Choice is either Strafe Left or Strafe Right depending on the side of the wall.
    If the wall is left to you, your direction key is Strafe Right, Strafe Left when the wall is on the right.
    The wall you try to boost dodge from should have a homogenous collision map (i.e. box; no spikes, nor collision maps without wall)

    OK… let’s get it on
    Walk towards a wall under a 45 angle. When u collide with that wall, press: direction key jump direction key (within 250milliseconds), in air u can increase the distance by adding a jump.

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    Going to practice it until i learn it. Thanks Minion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DesTineD View Post
    Going to practice it until i learn it. Thanks Minion.
    Hey buddy. I would also suggest that you look at yourself in the first and third person as you practice, you know, press the F4 key, and you can see how far you are dodging. This also works well from jumps in midair. Just jump off a ledge to a wall and it will work as well. But remember in close combat an attentive opponent will see you boost dodge and know exactly where you are going to land, somewhat. You can do this facing the wall, with your back to the wall, or either side of you. You are basically "kicking" off the wall in mid jump. Good luck!

    Damn good article Minion but its just a damn wall dodge. I had to break out my protractor and ruler when I read it.
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    ok ill test.

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    ok i tested have to double jump beside or onto a wall to get a farther wall dodge. It wont work if youre free falling down the you use your shield. I guess i'm confusing 3spn TAM with DM. I think in DM you can wall dodge when you are free falling beside a wall...gonna test it now.

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    Ok i realized now whats up....I was confusing DM with TAM. I went to a DM server and was able to dodge off the wall and then jump while free falling. I guess you can only do it in DM and not in TAM. Ok mystery is over...thanks guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTM~BullyBob View Post
    Hey buddy. I would also suggest that you look at yourself in the first and third person as you practice, you know, press the F4 key, and you can see how far you are dodging.
    This is not available on our servers, but he could load the mutator and play offline to learn it.

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    ywa i was trying to see myself from behind and couldnt...ill try downloading the mutator thank.

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    I added the mutator to the downloads section under the "Mods" category. Place the ut2k3style.u file in your UT2004/System folder and add the following lines at the bottom of your UT2004.ini (also in your System folder) to activate it.


    Download UT2k3style Here

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    oh cool ill add it thanks.

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