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    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    It seems as though the year has just flown by!

    A lot has happened in the last year for me. Including a move to another home a little north of Houston. During this move I stumbled upon a box that I have not seen in almost 10 years. This particular box was from the first HTM party, our 5 year party. I found a number of coffe mugs I had made back then, still wrapped in that all important bubble wrap. It appears I now have four "Sanctuary" mugs and one "HTM" mug I didn't know I had. This reminded me of a conversation I had with ol' BullyBob not too long ago. We were discussing reviving the coffee mugs and bringing back the old "HTM", "Sanctuary" and "Freak's World" mugs. This is something I will promise will happen early next year.

    In the mean time, I've got to get rid of some mugs....

    First of all I want to let BullyBob choose either a "Sanctuary" mug or the "HTM" mug for all he's done for us this past year. Bob, send me a PM with your addy and I'll get your choice on it's way.

    That leaves 4 coffee mugs, the first 3 people to post will get a "Sanctuary" mug shipped to them, the fourth person will get either a "Sanctuary" mug or the "HTM" mug depending on Bob's choice.

    Merry Christmas HTM!
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    I still have my Santuary mug.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Minion, and to the rest of my HTM brothers, and their families.
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    Merry chistmas to everyone and a happy new year. Buy the way I have a Freaks world and a Sancturay mug. Have a good one Min

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    Merry Christmas HTM, I appreciate you guys having me on your servers, it's really been great playing with you all!

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    Merry Christmas guys! OrtXed, it's been great having you join us on the servers. Thanks for choosing HTM to spend your time with.

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    That's Mr. Dangly to you!

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    Merry Christmas all!

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    Merry Christmas to all of my HTM friends!
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    Three Sanctuary mugs accounted for (.:Q:., Imagination and OrtXeD). Fourth cup to be determined....

    *edit* ...and it goes to Bluesman!

    Everyone have a safe and Happy New Year!

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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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