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Thread: Miken here

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    Miken here

    Whats going on Gents I posted I believe back in 2014 to join. then I fell off the face of the earth hahaa. I am in the marines and have 2 kids so I get on from time to time at night when I am free to play some catch up games. been catching up with destined these past couple days he just whooped my ass 10-5 actually hahaa but anyways hit me up anytime guys im down to play when I got the time and would like to give it another shot on joining this Madness!

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    Sup, Miken, yeah, it's been awhile. Glad to see you making it back when you can. Look forward to seeing you in the servers, again.
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    Hello Miken, good to see you back.

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    Hello thar, haven't played with you yet but always look forward to playing with new ppl.

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    Miken in da house!!!!Welcome back bud.

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    Valar Morghulis

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    Hey man. Thanks for serving. Now if you don't get a UT or HTM tattoo you're gonna make Bob very upset. LOL.

    At ease soldier and welcome back!
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    That's Mr. Dangly to you!

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    Good to see you... Welcome back!

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    Welcome back Miken. Good seeing you in game last night.
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    Sup Miken. I'm making my bimonthly visit to the forums. Minion, please change your avatar. I'm going to have nightmares because of it.

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