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    help figuring out why skins won't push on sniper server

    Created the .uc files from the info in each .upl and put them into the proper **ModClasses folders...added editpackage= and when I ran ucc make, the correct .u files were created. I ensured all names within the files, within the mod name and everything were correct. Compressed the .u files and the correlating .utx for the .u to direct players to d/l the needed files and put everything on redirect. Ensured the correct files were in the server folders and edited UT2004.ini to show ServerPackages= for each file. As far as I can tell, everything is as it should be yet no other players can see the skin when I wear it...just me. Minion, or whoever is familiar with coding , could you maybe look over what I did and make sure I didn't skip a step? Driving me bat shit...I checked what I did against a skin that is being pushed and everything seems to mirror what is being shown for those as relates to what info needed to be compiled, etc....

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    Could you provide a link to where you found how to do what you stated above?

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    Foo I don't kno this as fact, but I know when running a 64 bit OS it seems to interfere with some processes. I have a netbook here i dug up while moving that I think may have XP on it. Let me see if the thing will even start once charged and I'll try to do the same on the old 32 bit OS.

    If anyone else has any suggestions please let 'em rip.

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    I got it figured out today Minion...I forgot to add the .u at the end of the serverpackage entries on them. Tested today and they push I have that little skill set down!

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    Well, there you go then. Good good man.

    ...but I don't remember ever having to add the file extension. But hey, if it works then it works.

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    it's odd...the tutorial was a big help but had to be creative with extrapolating wtf he meant by some shit...and he never mentioned the file extension either...server would load the way I had it but not push, so added the.u and bam! LOL

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    was there more than one file type with that same name? Maybe a .u and a .utx for example?

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