HTM Server Rules

We at HTM have a simple outlook on UT2004, we play to have fun. In order to maintain the proper atmosphere for this to take place,some rules will be enforced. To keep our servers a fun place to play, the following offenses could result in a ban.

1) Use of derogatory language or remarks

2) Excessive swearing

3) ANY Racial remarks will not be tolerated

4) Excessive taunting

5) Excessive crying/whining

6) Abusing another player (picking fights or calling them names etc.

7) Abusing any ingame voice channel

8 ) Player names with derogatory language or cuss words

9) Using another players "known" Nick

10) Using aimbots or radar or other cheats

11) Calling out player positions, health status or powerups while spectating

12) NO SPAMMING ZOUNDS! (This is very annoying and it will empty a server in a heartbeat)

13) Disrespecting HTM members on HTM servers, this will get you banned in a hurry.

14) Acting like a total Jerk-Off - This one is the catch all for anything not covered above. Play nice and you won't have problems

HTM servers participate in the UTAN network. If you receive a notice upon entering the server that you have been banned by UTAN use the forum link at the bottom of this post and we can discuss your ban. If you are willing to change your evil ways ( this does not apply to aimbots or other means of cheating) your ban could be lifted. Cheating in any way will result in a permanent ban, no if's and's or but's!

Thank you from the HTM Admins